Tree Stewards

TreeStewardLogoTree Stewards provide education to the community regarding the environmental benefits, appreciation, proper planting and care of trees.

The Tree Stewards are Master Gardener Volunteers who have completed the Advanced Master Gardener Tree Steward training under the auspices of Virginia Tech.  The Tree Stewards concentrate on educating not only their fellow Master Gardeners, but the larger Loudoun community on tree-related issues. They actively promote the social, economic, and mental health benefits of trees, choosing projects that serve the residents of the county. The brochure, Tree Stewards, includes benefits of trees, tips on tree selection and basic tree care.

Educational Outreach

  • Stop Mulch Volcanoes campaign with the brochure on proper mulching. Print a letter size poster for your event: Mulch 3-3-3.
  • Remove choking English Ivy from trees campaign.
  • Presentations for HOAs and individual property owners on tree selection, planting and care, and the benefits of trees. HOA brief on planting natives

For a free consultation for your HOA or your property, or to schedule a Tree Steward presentation for your organization please send an e-mail to (if you have trouble with the email link here, just copy and paste the address into your web email and send that way).

If you have a question about a tree, please attach clear close-up photos of leaves, bark and any problem areas.

Resources to help you with your trees