Healthy Virginia Lawns

Welcome to the Healthy Virgina Lawns program.  We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy beautiful lawn while protecting our waterways.  Please note that while we are accepting early signups now, home visits will not begin until after 1 April 2021.

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we strengthened our program with best safety practices that protect you and our volunteers.  Our determined commitment to health enables us to provide you this important service.

Yes, you can have a healthier, greener lawn while also improving the Chesapeake Bay watershed and reducing pollutants.

Most of us habitually trek to the store each spring or when our grass looks like it’s declining, scan the bagged products on the shelf and select what we hope will result in a lusher, greener lawn. Results rarely meet our expectations and create the unfortunate side effect of excessive fertilizer (nitrogen and phosphorus) running off or leaching into nearby streams and rivers. Algae blooms, fueled by these excess nutrients, consume oxygen in the water, block sunlight, suffocate aquatic life and prevent underwater plants from photosynthesizing.

There is a better way. Healthy Virginia Lawns (HVL) volunteers visit your property, complete a site analysis of your yard, measure the area of turfgrass and collect a representative soil sample.  The sample is mailed to Virginia Tech where it is tested and a comprehensive analysis produced. The fee for this service is $30.

Ready to schedule your visit?

There is a $30 charge for this service which funds soil sample analysis fees, postage/shipping supply costs and equipment necessary for soil collection.

Your request is considered submitted when both steps listed below are completed. After your check is received at our Extension Office, a Healthy Virginia Lawns volunteer will contact you to schedule your appointment for soil sample collection. Spring and early summer are when we receive most soil sample requests. We do our best to contact you promptly, but the volume of requests will determine response time.

STEP ONE: Please complete this online form.

STEP TWO: Mail a check for $30.00 made payable to LCMGA and noted “HVL” on the memo line to:

HVL Request – LCMGA
Virginia Cooperative Extension/Loudoun Office
PO Box 4020
Leesburg, VA 20177

In some cases, varying conditions may indicate the need for an additional sampling on a specific area. If so, our field technician will consult with the homeowner first. (Additional tests are $15 each.)

What clients are saying:

“Thank you for the detailed report on our lawn that will help us maintain it in a responsible way.”

 “This is an excellent program and is making a large impact on sustainable lawn maintenance, certainly from my personal experience. We appreciate all the dedicated individuals supporting this initiative and the great work you do.”


Learn from the experts and keep our watershed clean from pollutants.

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