Audubon at Home – Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy

Loudoun County Extension Master Gardeners in partnership with Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy support the Audubon at Home Wildlife Sanctuary Program in Loudoun County.

From their webpage:

Audubon At Home in Northern Virginia

“For the first time in history, gardening has taken on a role that transcends the needs of the gardener. Like it or not, gardeners have become important players in the management of our nation’s wildlife. It is now within the power of individual gardeners to do something that we all dream of doing: to make a difference. In this case, the ‘difference’ will be to the future of biodiversity, to the native plants and animals of North America and the ecosystems that sustain them.”   ~ Douglas W. Tallamy, Bringing Nature Home

The Audubon at Home program was created to make a difference by supporting the efforts of property owners and managers to become better stewards of nature in their own outdoor spaces

Partnerships Make It Happen

The Wildlife Sanctuary Program brings trained volunteers together with property owners and managers on a mission to restore natural habitat. We offer information, on-site consultation and recommendations to help you establish and nurture sustainable natural habitat in your backyard, neighborhood, school, church, park or business in spaces that range from a balcony to many acres. Results-based sanctuary certification depends on the success of the habitat to attract and support wildlife.  The program seeks to expand wildlife habitat in our area and fosters appreciation for the value of native plants and all the wildlife that depend on them. 

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