Tips for November – the beginning of the holiday season


  • Harvest cool season crops; they will be sweeter with a slight frost

  • Keep cleaning garden beds and composting

  • Cut asparagus fronds and mulch with leaves

  • Finish turning beds; add compost, straw and rotted manure to enrich


  • Finish edging, mulching and weeding

  • Turn off outside water

  • Empty gas and / or oil from garden equipment

  • Store excess chemicals where they are safe and won’t freeze; ALWAYS leave them in their original containers to identify and keep safety warnings visible

  • Gather leaves as they fall and add to the compost pile

  • Clean and sharpen tools and equipment for next year


  • Water broad-leaved evergreens, dogwoods and new plants thoroughly before ground freezes

  • Wrap any evergreen plants for protection:

  • Netting for deer
  • Burlap for wind
  • Wire (2-3” from trunk) for rodents
  • Mound soil and or leaves around roses above graft to protect; shrub roses will not need this


If you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener, contact the Loudoun County Master Gardener Help Desk with your questions:  703-771-5150 or

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