Vegetable Garden


4Sep07 Veggie Harvest 3 (Small)The vegetable garden is very productive year after year thanks to an amazing team of dedicated volunteers.  There are 20 raised beds where we grow squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, artichokes, lettuces, onion, garlic, potatoes and so much more.  Cool season crops are planted in March and we continue to plant and harvest through the fall!  We donate all of our harvest to Interfaith Relief in Leesburg.


Enjoy our handy Harvest Guide.  There are journals available to assist you with your garden beginning August 1st.  Please go to the Veggie Journal page to read more.

Companion Plantings

The goal of companion planting is to create plant societies that benefit from each other.

  • Squash – Dill, Nasturtiums, Amaranth
  • Asparagus – Parsley (let flower), Cosmos
  • Broccoli – Zinnia, Sweet Alyssum
  • Carrots- Chives, Onions, Calendula
  • Pole Beans- Salvias, Basil, Bloomsdale Spinach
  • Tomatoes- Borage, Cosmos, Dill, Basil
  • Cucumbers – Nasturtiums
  • Peppers – Coriander, Basil, Marigolds, Cosmos
  • Potatoes – Marigolds, Basil, Bush Beans

Home and Community Gardens

The Garden to Table (G2T) team is dedicated to helping county residents establish organic vegetable and fruit areas in their home gardens or other community areas. The G2T Team provides guidance to residents interested in establishing community/schoolyard gardens which will feature vegetables and fruits. Mentors may also be requested to periodically visit a community garden site and answer questions about vegetable gardening from garden members.

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