Grapes and Blueberries

The small fruits offer advantages over fruit trees for home culture. They require a minimum of space for the amount of fruit produced and bear one or two years after planting. Also, pest control typically is easier than with most tree fruits.*


Grapes of some type can be grown almost anywhere. Careful selection of cultivated varieties compatible with local soil and climatic conditions has led to successful production in home gardens.*  We are growing table grapes in our garden at Ida Lee.

Download our printable Grapes flyer.


Many home gardeners have been successful with blueberry plantings. They have a better flavor when grown where nights are cool during the ripening season.  They are very exacting in soil and moisture requirements, but require little protection from insect and disease pests. Northern highbush is the blueberry of choice as most cultivars (cultivated varieties) can tolerate low winter temperatures (-15oF). The southern highbush types are more adapted to the lower and mid-elevation Piedmont and coastal regions (zones 7a to 8a).*  We planted both Northern and Southern Highbush varieties at our Demo Garden.

Download our printable Blueberries flyer.

*Information from Master Gardener Handbook, a Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) publication.