Drought Tolerant Garden

Sedum Island 090910 smPlanting drought tolerant plants is eco-smart – conserve our precious resources and save time and money. The focus of this garden is on creating a self sustaining landscape. The garden showcases a variety of plant life that live in dry conditions. The border of the garden is lined lavender plants. They are truly drought tolerant and in fact do not like wet feet at all!  We don’t use shredded wood mulch for them, instead we use small pebbles so the water trickled through and drains.

We were fortunate to be the recipients of a garden sculpture from a local artist, John Raymond.  His Sunflower sculpture stands proudly among the day lilies and clary sage!  You can see it in the slideshow below.

 Some other plants in the garden include

  • Sedum
  • Yucca
  • Wild Blue Indigo
  • White Snake Root
  • Wood Spurge

For a complete list, download our Drought Tolerant flyer.