Help Desk

The Loudoun County Master Gardener Volunteers are here to help you with your gardening questions. Is something eating your hostas? Does your tree look sick? When is the best time to fertilize your lawn? Are you interested in constructing a compost pile? Is a strange weed overrunning your vegetable bed? We’re here to advise and help!

The Loudoun County Extension Master Gardeners have a Help Desk located in the Virginia Cooperative Extension Loudoun County Office, 750 Miller Dr. SE, Suite F-3, Leesburg, VA.  We are staffed Monday through Friday between 9am and noon to take your telephone calls (703.771.5150) and emails or inspect samples that you bring in. The office is open, but unstaffed until 5pm and specimens can be left for examination the following day. Brochures on plant care, upcoming Master Gardener Events and Soil Test Kits are available at the Extension Office.

To report your problem online, please fill out this Help Desk Request Form . If you are requesting a Plant ID or Pest ID and suggested treatment, please attach photos of the plant or pest and we will email you back with the information you need.

Garden Clinics

The Loudoun County Master Gardeners also conduct Garden Clinics at various locations throughout the year, from May through September.

  • Leesburg Farmers Market – Virginia Village Shopping Center, Catoctin Circle, SE.  Every Saturday of the month: 8AM to noon.
  • Sterling, Lowe’s at Dulles Crossing Plaza – Saturdays, 9AM to 1PM.
  • Leesburg, Demonstration Garden, Ida Lee – Master Gardeners are at the garden every Tuesday and Thursday, 9-noon during the garden season (April through October) weather permitting.  Stop by to ask a question or two!

Help Us Help You

Here are a few tips to help us provide you with the right information:

  • If you need a plant identified, please bring in a sample large enough to determine the size and growth habit. Please bring in an entire stem or branch, not just a leaf.
  • If you suspect insect or disease, please bring in a sample showing both the problem area and some healthy growth (if any). Again an entire branch or stem will help us determine what is going on. We would appreciate that your sample be in a bag so as not to potentially contaminate the office.
  • Clear digital photos are great for email identification, but please keep the size reasonable to reduce download time.

We may have to do some research to come up with the right answer to your problem. If necessary we will contact you usually within 1-2 days.