Annual Gardening Symposium

Due to COVID-19 still unknown in 2021, we will be holding a virtual Symposium.  Watch this space!

Saturday,  March 20, 2021 

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2021 Speakers 

Ginger Woolridge, Landscape architect, garden consultant, and writer.
Woody Natives: Making Quick, and Confident Decisions
Woolridge is co-author with Tony Dove of Essential Native Trees and Shrubs for the Eastern United States: The Guide to Creating a Sustainable Landscape, published in 2018.  This authoritative catalog of 85 native species highlights the attributes of native plants and their importance in the food web. The author will discuss the resilience of natives trees and shrubs in the face of changing climate.

Ira Wallace, Worker/owner of the cooperative Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Grow Great Vegetables in Virginia
Learn tips and techniques for growing garden-fresh salad greens, vine ripened tomatoes, crisp green peppers and dozens of other delicious edibles year-round in your Virginia garden. Ira will cover soil building, planting dates, succession sowing, mulch, managing water, selecting the best varieties and more for abundant harvests across the state.

Sam Droege, Wildlife Biologist at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, USGS 
Native Bees Up Close
Sam will introduce us to the native bees of our area, their fascinating habits, the plants that they prefer, and how to make your property welcoming to native bees. Sam is widely published in journals and has been the editor of numerous government publications on birds and insects. Currently his team is running an inventory and monitoring program for native bees and producing public domain hi-resolution photographs of bees, insects, and flowers @USGSBIML. 

Dennis Dimick, Retired journalist and Photography editor, National Geographic 
Living in the Human Age
Dennis’ work with National Geographic has included orchestrating major projects on energy, climate change, soil conservation, global freshwater, world population, and the future of food security.  Dimick lectures on the emerging Human Age; his new Eyes on Earth project with photographer Jim Richardson emphasizes seeing the Anthropocene and its meaning.





Symposium Schedule on March 20:



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