Tips for August – the height of harvest month

August gardening tips


  • Weed!

  • Cut flowers in the morning before the heat opens them up

  • Divide crowded daylilies and irises; plant bare-root irises

  • Propagate perennials by cuttings

  • Order bulbs, fruits, and perennials for fall planting


  • Weed!

  • Plant garlic for harvesting next summer

  • Later in the month, plant cool season vegetables and herbs (radishes, lettuces, spinach)

  • Propagate herb cuttings

  • Prune tomato plants, and hand pick tomato hornworms

  • Think about canning or freezing vegetables and herbs.


  • Fertilize the lawn mid-August through October

  • Aerate and seed between mid-August and the end of September so the root system is established before winter


  • Look for caterpillars that feed on the foliage of various trees in late summer and early fall (orange striped oakworms and yellownecked caterpillars like oaks)

  • Trim or shake redheaded pine sawflies from pines (or use insecticidal soap or horticultural oil)

  • Prune branches with webs formed by fall webworms and destroy

  • Treat wasp or hornet nests in the evening when all the pests are in the nest.


Visit the Loudoun County Master Gardener Demonstration Garden at Ida Lee Park in Leesburg to see various gardens and new planting techniques.

Contact the Loudoun County Master Gardener Help Desk with your questions:  703-771-5150 or

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