Ornamental Grasses

grass bed smOrnamental grasses are low maintenance, drought resistant and bring year-round color, texture and form to the landscape. This bed demonstrates the many different varieties of ornamental grass and sedge the homeowner can grow in their garden. Cool season to warm season grasses add color and interest all season, including the winter when the masses bend and twist in the winter wind.  Page down to read how to care for them.

Download our Ornamental Grass garden flyer.

Plants in the Ornamental Grasses Garden

Carnation Grass

Festica Blue Boulder Grass

Golden Hakone

Creeping Broadleaf Sedge

Feather Reed Grass

Zebra Grass

Japanese Blood Grass

Dwarf Fountain Grass

Tufted Sedge

Morning Light Miscanthus

Dwarf Zebra Grass

Silver Spike

Native Purple Muhly

Native Switch Grass

Native Little Bluestem

Mexican Feather

New Zealand Flax

Ruby Grass



Warm Season Grasses

Cool Season Grasses

Prefer 80 – 95 degrees F

Grows well above freezing (32 to 75 degrees F)

Breaks dormancy in late spring

Begins growth in late winter

Slow growth until summer

Dormant during hot summer (leave alone…)

Prune in late winter or very early spring

Prune late winter or very early spring

Divide at first signs of growth and well before blooming

Divide late winter/early spring or late summer/early autumn