HOA Newsletter – July

Lessons from a Remarkable Garden by Jill Johnson, VCE Loudoun County Master Gardener From spotting unusual plant combinations to ideas for creating garden rooms, there’s nothing like a visit to Blandy Arboretum in Boyce, VA or the Loudoun County Master Gardeners’ Demo Garden in Leesburg. I recently visited a 20 year-old one acre garden in […]

HOA Newsletter – June

If You Love Roses, You Should Know About Rose Rosette By Nancy Caldwell, Loudoun County VCE Master Gardener Roses add undeniable beauty and interest to the garden. And the newer varieties promise disease resistance and long bloom times. Sadly, disease resistance does not mean disease free. Even the popular Knock-Out roses are susceptible to a […]

HOA Newsletter – May

Our Top Ten Things to Do for Your Garden in May By Jill Johnson, Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardener # 1. Hold off on putting in tender perennials until just past Mother’s Day, because Loudoun’s last frost date is May 15. # 2. Don’t plant invasive English ivy. If English ivy is already climbing your […]

HOA Newsletter – April

It’s Spring! by Jill Johnson, Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardener, Loudoun County Spring cleanup continues this month but only when the ground is not soggy.  Carefully remove matted leaves that are covering up spring bulbs and ephemerals and cut back ornamental grasses, sedum and other perennials whose skeletons were left standing for winter interest.  As […]

HOA Newsletter – March

March – the Month to Get Gardening! By Jill Johnson, VCE Loudoun County Master Gardener Daffodils and crocus are coming up and March looks promising even though the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Saint Patrick’s Day on the 17th is a traditional date to plant peas but last year on that date we had one of […]

HOA Newsletter – February

28 Days of Grey By Jill Johnson, Loudoun County VCE Master Gardener February is not this Loudoun County gardener’s fa­vorite month because of the interminable 28 (or even worse, 29) days of unrelenting gray and cold. On a posi­tive note though, every day is getting a tiny bit longer bringing welcome light as the earth […]