Tips for July – the first full summer month

Flowers Continue to cut-back early perennials and annuals to promote fall rebloom Watch for Japanese beetles and pick them off into soapy water in the early morning before they wake up If perennial foliage looks bad, cut it back for regrowth (bee balm, hostas, and other durable plants) Continue to deadhead roses; watch for powdery […]

Tips for August – the height of harvest month

Flowers Weed! Cut flowers in the morning before the heat opens them up Divide crowded daylilies and irises; plant bare-root irises Propagate perennials by cuttings Order bulbs, fruits, and perennials for fall planting Garden Weed! Plant garlic for harvesting next summer Later in the month, plant cool season vegetables and herbs (radishes, lettuces, spinach) Propagate […]

Tips for September – the fall planting month

Flowers Plant spring-blooming bulbs – one of fall’s exciting activities Plant fall flowers (colchicum and crocus bulbs, pots of aster, biennial seeds, and fall pansies) Plant ornamental grasses Fertilize roses for the last time to allow them to harden off before winter; continue deadheading Start edging and mulching beds; be sure they are weed free; […]

Tips for October – the month fall color arrives

Flowers Continue edging and mulching beds; be sure they are weed free; clean out faded flowers and vegetables Plant fall bloomers like asters, ornamental cabbage and kale Continue planting spring-blooming bulbs, divide and plant perennials Propagate annuals and perennials by cuttings Bring any tender flowers inside (geraniums) to overwinter Dig up tender bulbs after foliage […]

Tips for November – the beginning of the holiday season

Garden Harvest cool season crops; they will be sweeter with a slight frost Keep cleaning garden beds and composting Cut asparagus fronds and mulch with leaves Finish turning beds; add compost, straw and rotted manure to enrich Lawn Finish edging, mulching and weeding Turn off outside water Empty gas and / or oil from garden […]

Tips for December – the beginning of Winter

Selecting your Christmas tree Needles should be green and flexible. Lift the tree off the ground a few inches, and drop it in the cut-end – you should not see needles fall to the ground. Make sure to ask for a “fresh cut” before leaving the lot. Cut-Your-Own farms provide trees – as well as […]

Garden Update August 1st

If your summer vegetable planting has been successful you should have an abundance of cherry and regular tomatoes which are now ripening quickly along with summer squash, pole and bush beans, okra, cucumbers and peppers. The proper time to harvest squash and cucumbers is when they are of useable size for you but do not […]

Garden Update August 12th

Your vegetable garden is probably at the height of production now. Peppers are starting to turn red, tomatoes are in abundance, beans are being harvested. But this is also the time to plant some seeds for the fall garden. Some that can still be planted because they can stand up to cooler weather and shorter […]

Garden Update August 21st

Perhaps you have thought of saving your own seeds from some special vegetables you have grown in the past. Now is a great time to start saving your own seeds to replant next year. There are several basic things to know in order to be successful. First, the seeds you save need to be “open […]

Garden Update August 27th

With back- to-school activities starting the vegetable garden can be forgotten in the midst of all the activity. Maintaining a vegetable garden this time of year is relatively easy compared to the other seasons so continue to keep up with the harvesting chores. If you find yourself overwhelmed and unable to use your fresh produce […]

Garden Update September 3rd

With the recent rainy days, it is important to watch your water hungry vegetables carefully and harvest before splitting or cracking takes place. Tomatoes are especially prone to splitting when a large amount of rain falls over a number of days. Cucumbers, summer squash, watermelon and cantaloupe also take up rain water very quickly and […]

Garden Update September 9th

The recent weather change has definitely focused our thoughts on the upcoming fall season. As you start contemplating the last days of summer and the last of the summer vegetables go out to the garden and pinch off all the new blossoms on your vegetable plants. The vegetable plant will then put all remaining energy […]