Nancy Kelley

2nd Vice President

A native of western Pennsylvania, gardening in my neighborhood revolved around vegetables and fruits. Our family had several very prolific peach and sour cherry trees as well as a Con-cord grape arbor which yielded jars of jelly topped in paraffin seals. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh then moved to the DC metro area a year later. Most of my corpo-rate career was at Sallie Mae (Student Loan Marketing Association) where I directed PC and network support for 13 years. After leaving corporate life to be at home with our two sons, I volunteered in several community agencies. Currently, I manage an office for a privately owned mental health practice in Sterling.

As a graduate of the 2014 training class, I currently serve as the Publicity Team Lead and also volunteer on the following teams: Healthy Virginia Lawns, Help Desk, Symposium and Leadership Council. These teams provide opportunities to both expand my knowledge and then share that new found knowledge through community education.