Our Leadership

Glenda Parsons – President

I am a graduate of Grossmont School of Nursing and attended both the University of California at San Diego and Trinity University in San Antonio Texas where I studied economics and international affairs.  Gardening and horticulture have been a lifelong passion.   Read more about Glenda Parsons —>

Diane Bayliss – 1st Vice President 

I am a member of the 2015 EMG class.  I joined the Children’s Education Team (CET) as soon as training classes ended, and officially took over as team co-lead in January of 2016. My priority last year was guiding the team through an influx of in school and after school presentations that served 3,000 county youth. Based on that experience, I worked this year to revise and augment the curriculum and programs to be more adaptable to the less formal after school settings and to encourage greater EMG participation in CET programs.My other community involvement includes coordination of a 6-week values education program at a local Title I elementary school that is sponsored by my church twice a year. I also coordinate the craft portion of the church’s week-long summer camp for 400 youth. In addition, I am on my community’s Homeowner Board where I am working to establish a common grounds committee to address landscaping issues.

Nancy Kelley – 2nd Vice President

A native of western Pennsylvania, gardening in my neighborhood revolved around vegetables and fruits. Our family had several very prolific peach and sour cherry trees as well as a Concord grape arbor which yielded jars of jelly topped in paraffin seals.  Read more about Nancy Kelley —>

Marty Rosencrans – Secretary

Simply stated, gardening is my passion. I have created my gardens to be a sanctuary, bringing balance and serenity into my daily life. They have provided me a place to relax, dream, plan and enjoy peaceful moments over the almost 40 years we’ve lived in Leesburg. Read more about Marty Rosencrans —>

Dee Jonas – Treasurer

I grew up in Waterford, Ireland, the daughter of two physicians. My father was a surgeon and avid vegetable gardener, my mother a family practitioner and flower gardener. Following in their footsteps I graduated from University College Dublin in medicine and some years later came with my American husband to the Washington area where I completed my pathology residency.  Read more about Dee Jonas —>

Irene Zolnaski – Assistant Treasurer

From a childhood with little exposure to gardening I’ve evolved to become an avid gardener with a passion for working in my gardens and the woods at our property in western Loudoun County.   I graduated from the University of Maryland in 1972, followed by nursing school.  I have spent the past 35 years providing care in a variety of nursing specialties, most recently as a field nurse in the tuberculosis program at the Loudoun County Health Department.  Read more about Irene Zolnaski —>